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Welcome to my world of astrophotography. I am the developer of Astrodon filters for astrophotography and research, But, first and foremost, I am an astrophotographer. I view myself as a technical artist. A landscape photographer on a cosmic scale. This site shares my passion for this demanding, technical hobby with images of sometimes famous and often times rarely photographed galaxies, nebula and star clusters. It is a humbling experience to present to you a galaxy in vivid colors, whose light that we see left that galaxy when dinosaurs roamed our planet. Is it still there? Are they looking toward our galaxy with the same degree of wonder? I invite you to explore this world with me.
Don Goldman, Ph.D. (Astrodon)
Latest Images
NGC 319902.17.15  

NGC 3199 (RCW 48) is a bright, 20’ crescent-shaped nebula in the southern constellation of Carina about 12,000 light years distant.  Deeper images, as presented above, show the bright cr

Cosmic Hands02.17.15  

This is a digression from my standard presentation of galaxies and nebulae.  I recently released a deep image of the Wolf-Rayet bubble Highlights

  • Highlight #1 - Don wrote the chapter on Narrowband Processing in Rob Gendler's new book "Lessons from the Masters" recently published by Springer.